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This summer let the children discover the right reasons for education and fall in love with learning…..
The Commuknitree has designed camps with the help of experts that will not only engage the children but also help them develop interest in subjects in a fun and interactive way to create memories to last for a long time….
Fundo Science Camps – Science Camps by Science Utsav are based on fundamental physics and chemistry. These camps with Everyday Take Away Projects develop curiosity in everyday science and love for subjects that surround us everywhere.
Paints and More – This is an initiative by a professional artist to take the children on a journey of our traditional art forms, “Warli” this time… This camp also explores art in an unconventional way by use of everything but a “BRUSH”
Art from Junk – This is a fun camp to convert junk into pieces of art an eco friendly mindset in the field of art. This camp helps children experiment with ideas also develops the ability to become fearless and in turn increases confidence of realizing ideas into reality.
InQUIZitive Club – After the success of KBC (Kommunity Brilliance Contest) and on demand of the parents we have designed an initiative to develop lateral thinking in children and love for General Knowledge under the supervision of a professional quizzer.
Writer’s Unboxed – Today, it is very important to be able to reproduce thoughts in the most enticing and captivating ways and to be able communicate effectively as the weight of the person is equivalent to the weight of his/her word…. This camp with the help of a professional scriptwriter travels the winding paths of twisting tales and discovers the magic created by the language of thoughts in words.
Children Unplugged – We don’t have better words to describe this camp other than “FUN, FUN and FUN” for the young minds
Creative Reading Camp - Books! They say can be the best friends…. This camp promises to gift  your child with this eternal friendship. 

11TH April, 11.00 am  – Gurukul, Raheja Vihar, Chandivali

12TH April, 11.00 am  – The Commuknitree Centre, Lake Homes, Powai


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"On hearing about the Commuknitree and it's event for the first time I had a feeling of excitement... I got all charged up by knowing that the Commuknitree is setting up amazing classes or rather clubs for enlightening the creativity in us youngsters, especially the aero modelling class seemed to put in an extra pinch of excitement; for this is something I don't get to see everywhere. The Commuknitree intends to explore a wide range of hidden creativity within the community. Apart from the classes, the event has also made me curious. I am looking forward to the Young Journalist Competition and also the many fun seminars. I also wish to join the Commuknitree club and help the society in my little ways thereby be of some importance to the betterment of the community.I'm counting days for the establishment of the Commuknitree and I hope that it brings back the fun in learning..."
- Swareena

"In today's competitive world, scoring good grades academically is not enough for the overall growth and development of a kid. They need to go way beyond the books to explore their unique personalities and talents. Commuknitree is an effort to help the kids find themselves. By joining hands with brilliant minds, commuknitree aims at imparting these special skills to the children of our society and bring out hidden talents. I am looking forward to their launch."
- Prerna

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