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Academic Enrichment is a catalog of classes that supplement and augment the education gained at the school. These classes are hand picked to fill the gaps in learning, promote curiosity, enable problem solving, trigger out-of-box thinking, adorn a thinking cap and hence enhance the love for learning. We are constantly polishing our skills to meet the requirements of the children as well striving to get the best of the resources at your doorstep.


In today’s world where life skills are becoming the key differentiator between real world victories and defeats we have created a methodology of enhancing the life skills of children with enriching community based projects. The projects are designed to imbibe.

  • Reflective skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Personal skills such as self-awareness and stress management
  • Interpersonal skills such as working in a team and empathy
    resulting in a positive and adaptive behavior and hence a fruitful life.


Events are our attempt to push information into the communities to empower the parents and enable children to make well informed decisions and forge forward with confidence and achieve TRUE VICTORIES. The motto of events is to bring informative talks/forums/workshops/competitions to the community to provide guidance and inspiration to children and their care givers for well being, career counseling, new technologies, child/youth pertinent contemporary trends, child/youth psyche/pulse/wavelength.


Mentoring is the relationship between an experienced adult/peer (mentor) and child (mentee) that provides young people with the guidance, support and encouragement that will make a positive and lasting difference in their lives.  We strive to achieve mentoring ecosystems by inviting volunteer mentors in the form of adults from the community, peer group, experts from the industry, who are easily accessible for interaction and available for guidance on a weekly basis to enable children to validate their behavior, differentiate right from wrong, understand their strengths and weaknesses  and  celebrate true victorie

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28 Aug. 2016
4.00 pm

                               Hall of Fame

"On hearing about the Commuknitree and it's event for the first time I had a feeling of excitement... I got all charged up by knowing that the Commuknitree is setting up amazing classes or rather clubs for enlightening the creativity in us youngsters, especially the aero modelling class seemed to put in an extra pinch of excitement; for this is something I don't get to see everywhere. The Commuknitree intends to explore a wide range of hidden creativity within the community. Apart from the classes, the event has also made me curious. I am looking forward to the Young Journalist Competition and also the many fun seminars. I also wish to join the Commuknitree club and help the society in my little ways thereby be of some importance to the betterment of the community.I'm counting days for the establishment of the Commuknitree and I hope that it brings back the fun in learning..."
- Swareena

"In today's competitive world, scoring good grades academically is not enough for the overall growth and development of a kid. They need to go way beyond the books to explore their unique personalities and talents. Commuknitree is an effort to help the kids find themselves. By joining hands with brilliant minds, commuknitree aims at imparting these special skills to the children of our society and bring out hidden talents. I am looking forward to their launch."
- Prerna

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