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The Commuknitree Club

We at ‘The Commuknitree Club’ understand that the constant dynamic changes in today’s world require us to re-visit the way our kids learn. We believe it is important that we instill values for them to differentiate right from wrong, set their own boundaries, police their own characters, build social skills, nurture a positive identity, build courage to face the unknown, master the subjects fundamentally to be able to solve problems, to be self aware, steadfast in their beliefs and walk the path of happiness without begrudging.

This cannot be simply achieved by lecturing kids in a class room but more by training them in life skills in real life scenarios.

To accomplish this tall order it is also important that the parents in the lives of children are committed, informed and connected. Their homes are nurturing and safe. Their parents, teachers and neighbours work together to ensure access to the constellation of services, programs and experiences needed for optimal development from childhood to adulthood.

The Commuknitree Club is a membership based program that plans to achieve the objective above by means of:

  • Talks and forums on an ongoing basis
  • Interesting value added classes at an affordable price
  • Blogs and interactive feedback capability
  • Mentor Ecosystems
  • Life skills training with community based projects and club activities

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28 Aug. 2016
4.00 pm

                               Hall of Fame

"On hearing about the Commuknitree and it's event for the first time I had a feeling of excitement... I got all charged up by knowing that the Commuknitree is setting up amazing classes or rather clubs for enlightening the creativity in us youngsters, especially the aero modelling class seemed to put in an extra pinch of excitement; for this is something I don't get to see everywhere. The Commuknitree intends to explore a wide range of hidden creativity within the community. Apart from the classes, the event has also made me curious. I am looking forward to the Young Journalist Competition and also the many fun seminars. I also wish to join the Commuknitree club and help the society in my little ways thereby be of some importance to the betterment of the community.I'm counting days for the establishment of the Commuknitree and I hope that it brings back the fun in learning..."
- Swareena

"In today's competitive world, scoring good grades academically is not enough for the overall growth and development of a kid. They need to go way beyond the books to explore their unique personalities and talents. Commuknitree is an effort to help the kids find themselves. By joining hands with brilliant minds, commuknitree aims at imparting these special skills to the children of our society and bring out hidden talents. I am looking forward to their launch."
- Prerna

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