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The idea of Commuknitree was seeded, when in quest of resources for teaching life skills to our kids, we were faced with the frustration in parents for the lack of centralized information on all children related resources in the local community. Our conversations with parents and children in our community dawned a fact on us that we were all sharing the same day-to-day, short term and long term concerns in regard to the all round development of children. The parents were clouded with concerning thoughts of not only providing appropriate education to their children but also for developing a healthy body and healthy mind based on strong values and ground realities to achieve the true victories in life. The landscape of information in the community was dotted with anecdotal verbal information without any validation, limiting the parents to make well informed choices for their children. On the other hand the children lacked the feeling of belonging due to no engagement between the values earned at home and knowledge gained at school. Our conversations made it very clear that the upbringing of the children in the two isolated worlds of “HOME” and “SCHOOL” accentuated by rise in nuclear families, fast moving technological advancement, cost of living, distances and NO-TIME syndrome……..was often resulting in one or more of the following:

“Values without Validation”

“Conversations without Information”

“Respect without Trust”

“Learning without Dreaming”

“Guidance without Inspiration”

“Knowledge without Application”

“Listening without Believing”

“Working without Motivation”

“Action without Reason”

“Thought without Reflection”

“Victories without Passion”

The BIG QUESTION is: “If HOMEs and SCHOOLs are not answers in themselves then, which is the missing link between HOME, CHILDREN, SCHOOL and TRUE VICTORIES.
One of the answers that we came up with to fill this missing gap is “The LOCAL COMMUNITY” as somebody very well said “It takes a village to raise a child”.
THE COMMUKNITREE is our humble attempt to bring a village of resources, mentors and role models in the communities together to “PREPARE, PROTECT, MENTOR AND INSPIRE” the children for the future. Our intent is not only to help the parents and children get the answers to their concerns and questions but also bring a wealth of resources to the doorstep to equip the parents and children to make well informed decisions and forge forward with confidence and achieve TRUE VICTORIES.


To become the gateway for a wealth of resources to help parents and children get the answers to their concerns and questions and hence equip parents and children to make well informed decisions and forge forward with confidence and achieve TRUE VICTORIES.


Create a Community level platform/s that brings together children, parents, educators, mentors, role models, health and other service and resource providers to create an energized local community environment to  Protect, Prepare, Mentor and Inspire the young minds for the future.

    THE TEAM  

Geeta Harisinganey (Founder)

 “My dream is to create a network of encouragement and support, that will engage the children, motivate them to contribute, realize their self worth and deliver their full potential.”

Our Co-Founder, Geeta has diverse expertise of 20 years from her roles as a hands-on technical developer, Systems Architect, and Delivery Strategist at organizations of repute in India and U.S.A. She also holds a Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Above all she is a mother of a 9 year old who very well understands that early life habits and values go a long in making the attitude of a child.

Shweta Dixit (Founder)

“I believe that by entrusting a little understanding and trust on our children, and by giving them a platform that manifests how much of a difference they as the youth can make to the society at a tender age, we as parents can accomplish our goal of raising a conscientious future for our country and the upcoming generations.”

Our Co-founder, Shweta is from the commerce background and an entrepreneur. She has been working in the textile industry since nearly 15 years and is still actively working as an entrepreneur in kids wear. Apart from her work experience, she is a mother of a 15 year old and believes that only by relating with young teens and understanding their social difficulties can parents flourish both their relationship and also the child’s capabilities and talents thereby creating a healthy and secure future for their young children.



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28 Aug. 2016
4.00 pm

                               Hall of Fame

"On hearing about the Commuknitree and it's event for the first time I had a feeling of excitement... I got all charged up by knowing that the Commuknitree is setting up amazing classes or rather clubs for enlightening the creativity in us youngsters, especially the aero modelling class seemed to put in an extra pinch of excitement; for this is something I don't get to see everywhere. The Commuknitree intends to explore a wide range of hidden creativity within the community. Apart from the classes, the event has also made me curious. I am looking forward to the Young Journalist Competition and also the many fun seminars. I also wish to join the Commuknitree club and help the society in my little ways thereby be of some importance to the betterment of the community.I'm counting days for the establishment of the Commuknitree and I hope that it brings back the fun in learning..."
- Swareena

"In today's competitive world, scoring good grades academically is not enough for the overall growth and development of a kid. They need to go way beyond the books to explore their unique personalities and talents. Commuknitree is an effort to help the kids find themselves. By joining hands with brilliant minds, commuknitree aims at imparting these special skills to the children of our society and bring out hidden talents. I am looking forward to their launch."
- Prerna



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